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Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Cypress PSoC 4 BLE CY8CKIT-142
Software apps and online services:
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Cypress PSoC Creator


PSoC Creator Project (CyWordClock)C/C++
PSoC Creator 4.1 or newer
No preview (download only).
CyWordClock Android App (Time Only)Java
Because of some Android version issues, this App is functional limited and allows only to control the time.
No preview (download only).
CyWordClock Android App (Full Featured)Java
App to control the CyWordClock: Set Time & Alarm, Change color scheme, Change dimming
No preview (download only).


Portrait nb2hngvxdv
4 projects • 1 follower
Starting in the 1980's with home-computer (TI99/4A), later embedded 8051/Z80. Becoming an engineer in 1993, ... now application Engineer


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