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Things used in this project

Hardware components:
Psoc 20analog 20coprocessor 20pioneer 20kit 20web
Cypress PSoC Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit
For this project the new PSoC 4 Analog Coprocessor Pioneer Kit was used as a Master in the communication of the Prototype Nursing Call System.
M 09432
Cypress PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit
For this project we used the new PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit, as slaves (3) in the communication of the Prototype System of Nursing Call, and the control of hallway lights and buttons of each room.
Software apps and online services:
Creator bannerimage 2
Cypress PSoC Creator


Schematic Nurse Calling
Nurse call 7rwn6cgglr


Program called Nursing System.C/C++
This program is made in PSoC Creator of Master and Slaves for the call system of Nursing.
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Ivan Leonardo Suarez Cruz
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